Project London – Official Pythagoras Switch Trailer [HD]

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MUSIC VIDEO INFO: Song: Pythagoras Switch Band: Half Acre Day Director: Michael McCoy Co-Director: Javier Caceres Studio: Spiral Productions MOVIE INFO: Release Date: 2013 Genre: Science Fiction Cast: Josh Truax, Jen Page, Geoffery Simmons, Branson Anderson Director: Ian Hubert Writer: Ian Hubert Studio: Spiral Productions More info: Spiral Productions is pleased to present Half Acre Day’s new song and music video exclusive for the movie, Project London featuring a boatload of never-before-seen shots from the movie. Project London is an independently produced, science-fiction, action-adventure, effects movie. Made by Volunteers! With 774 Visual Effects! Almost no Budget! Plot Nebraska Higgins leads a normal, easy life in Seattle and works as a mechanic at Joint Commands Control Tower. Joint Command is Earths global police and military force established as a union between old Earth governments and Nalardian refugees and powered by their technology. Nebraska plunges into a world of struggle and intrigue after Joint Command kills his father, a hero known by his large robotic exo-suit, Arizona. Jerry, (a gas-mask wearing Nalardian), Benin Belabora, (a calm but powerful mastermind), and Xing Xing Fix, (the knitting maven of mayhem), keep Nebraska safe from the pursuing Joint Command whilst trying to recruit him to the London Underground. Meanwhile, Nebraska discovers that the experiments which destroyed the Nalardians home world have been resurrected …

Title: Project London – Official Pythagoras Switch Trailer [HD]

Duration: 3:38

Views: 400 views

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